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What is Konfindustria and its main successes
Confederation of Albania Industries/ Konfindustria is the institution, which gets together and represents only the interests of production and service industries in the country. The members of Konfindustria are the most important representatives of the Albanian industries in all fields such as: food industry, production of non-alcoholic beverages...
What Konfindustria can do for you ?
- Lobbying on central and local government
- Lobbying on modifying, changing any discriminatory legislation
- Assistance on ideas formulation, consortium organisation and implementation of international projects in the areas as energy, environment, infrastructure, smart technologies, water treatment systems, industrial&urban waste management, recycling, agriculture, professional education, etc.
-Assistance and promotion through media channels
- Assistance on obtaining relevant licenses, authorizations and permits
- Specialized legal and financial assistance
Latest News
Mutual measures on the issue of Call Centers
The Albanian government must take prompt measures against Italian goods and services in our country, as a mutual balancing measure against the measures introduced by the Italian authorities in not allowing Italian Call Centers to remain in Albania...
Gjergj Buxhuku: Political crisis, number of interested foreign investors has fallen by 40%
Interviewed for Albanian Free Press
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+ Data 2021-07-28
Vjosa Region Investments Forum “ Ecosystem for Sustainable Development. EU Green Agenda. Vjosa actual Emergencies and future Challenges. Technology and Environment.25/9/2021, Gorge of Kelcyra-Albania
+ Data 2020-12-11
International Forum: Vjosa River Basin Region (Albania, Greece) Sustainable Development Strategy Initiative.


Market of Ideas
Friends, we invite you to join our conversation! Theme of the day: How do you value the EU initiative for the creation of the Regional Market of the Western Balkan countries. Regional Market Facing Albania-Kosovo National Market. Send us you opinion: [email protected]

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