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What Konfindustria can do for you ?
What Konfindustria can do for you ?

Lobbying on central and local government
Assistance to potential investors through lobbying on central and local government regarding all pertinent investment issues. In order to promote development by making it easier to carry out business in the country, we do this by organizing networking events and helping in establishing links between investors and government.
Lobbying on modifying, changing any discriminatory legislation
Assistance to existing investors through relevant lobbying on modifying, changing any discriminatory primary/secondary legislation and/or pertinent administrative practices.
Assistance and promotion through media channels
Assistance and promotion of investors pertaining investment issues through media channels including without limitation organization of relevant workshops and conferences in the presence of media outlets.
Assistance on obtaining relevant licenses, authorizations and permits
Assistance to investors on obtaining relevant licenses, authorizations and permits by the respective local and central governmental authorities

Specialized legal and financial assistance:
Albanian Market Analysis Service
Project Management Service
Recruitment & Personnel Selection Service
Legal consulting services related with:
- Business Law
- Corporate Law
- Legal Consulting and Assistance on taxation issues
- Competition Law
- Real Estate Law
- Construction Law
- Employment Law
- Labor Law
- Negotiation
- Environmental and Land Use Law
- Intellectual Property Law
- Litigation
Administration and Management Control
- Assistance and consulting in accounting and administration restructuring.
- Consulting in setting up accounting procedures.
- Periodical auditing of administration-accounting.
- Assistance and consulting in arranging and drafting balance sheets.
- Assistance and consulting in arranging annual or infra-annual budget and reporting.
- Audit activity, carried out through authorized auditing companies.
Fiscal assistance and consulting
- Direct Consulting on all fiscal thematic and issues.
- Studies and planning for direct and indirect tax burden optimization.
- Fiscal consulting related to special company operations such as: acquisitions, mergers, splits, underwritings and liquidations, including tax audit on target companies.
- Studies, opinions, and fiscal planning concerning real estate, trust funds, successions and donations.
- Consulting on international fiscal planning for multinational groups.
- Consulting and assistance on fiscal and financial relieves, both on national (state and local) and international levels.
- Assistance in relationships with Financial Administration offices.

- General Market Information
- Industry guides/reviews
- Conditions for investment
- Proactive identification of business opportunities
- Identification of project specific location factors
- Cost factor analysis
- Identification of possibilities for cooperation with suppliers etc
- Organization of site visits
- Negotiations with relevant authorities

Konfindustria is able to help you to:
- find an Albanian supplier
- find the location for your business in Albania
- set up a manufacturing operation or business service in Albania
- signpost you to the right person next to government authorities to answer your specific questions

Services for SME-s
- Company registering procedures
- Information relating the market
- Market-research and market analysis
- News and information relating fairs, business missions etc
- Links/ Communication with other national and international information sources

Albanian Business Trip Service
Translation & Interpreting Service
Meeting Arrangements


+ Data 2021-07-28
Vjosa Region Investments Forum “ Ecosystem for Sustainable Development. EU Green Agenda. Vjosa actual Emergencies and future Challenges. Technology and Environment.25/9/2021, Gorge of Kelcyra-Albania
+ Data 2020-12-11
International Forum: Vjosa River Basin Region (Albania, Greece) Sustainable Development Strategy Initiative.


Market of Ideas
Friends, we invite you to join our conversation! Theme of the day: How do you value the EU initiative for the creation of the Regional Market of the Western Balkan countries. Regional Market Facing Albania-Kosovo National Market. Send us you opinion: [email protected]

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