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War against informality using the VAT registering cases in trading transactions for small business.
Konfindustria, after a long debate with its members, professional analysis in depth of informality of the Albanian economy and comparing the experience of the developed democratic countries, through an official letter sent to Mr. Sali Berisha, Prime Minister of Albania and head of DP and to Mr. Edi Rama, Head of SP and head of the Municipality of Tirana, has decided to take the strategic initiative to fight the main cause of production of informality and fiscal evasion: lack of defining the VAT (Value Added Tax) and the registering cases in trade transactions of small sales/so called the small business. In the above interrupted chain of the legal contact point of business with end-consumers/the citizens, exactly at this point happen all the financial evasion leaks and the pressure from below-above are born for producing of evasion in all the trading process. Taking the above measures is a primer condition for:

- formality of economy in its entirely, including agricultural and farming production as the next step of the process,
- fight against illegitimate competition, which kills the economical development,
- considerable increase of incomes for the state budget. This will be translated as creating higher state financial possibilities to increase the support for certain society groups, necessary investments in infrastructure and quality of public services for the citizens.

Konfindustria is conscious that the formality of small trade through applying of VAT and registering cases is more than just a technical initiative. Being an action which changes basically all the fiscal base of the country, it touches beside business, interests of all Albanian citizens. This means that completing the above, at any case is needed a complete and sincere will of all political factors of the country. Based on the required political understanding, the basic backbone of the process should be:

1- Opposition shouldn’t profit politically from the costs, which objectively might come up during the process.
2- Posit must respect at any cost the fiscal autonomy and over all the quantity of incomes of local administration, the foundation of power decentralization, a very important compound part of a democratic state.
3- Legal packet as per standards of the EU countries, where building up of the independent Trading Courts for resolving conflicts executive-business should be a compound part

Konfindustria is ready to serve as a mediator between posit and opposition for what stated above, because believes that political forces today have the necessary maturity to find an understanding between themselves to fulfill the strategic goal for formalizing the Albanian economy. Konfindustria invites the Albanian Government to give a sample of good will for understanding, extending in time entering in force of the law for penalties and make it part of the above mentioned Legal Packet. Before producing laws to increase punishing force of state against business, we should conceal legal and institutional cause which produce fiscal evasion and corruption.

The Initiative of Konfindustria is an opportunity to show that Albanians know and can make up a democratic state.


+ Data 2021-07-28
Vjosa Region Investments Forum “ Ecosystem for Sustainable Development. EU Green Agenda. Vjosa actual Emergencies and future Challenges. Technology and Environment.25/9/2021, Gorge of Kelcyra-Albania
+ Data 2020-12-11
International Forum: Vjosa River Basin Region (Albania, Greece) Sustainable Development Strategy Initiative.


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