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Legislative initiatives for founding of Administrative, independent from the executive.
We inform that on 01 February 2008 was held the meeting between the representatives of the Ministry of Justice, headed by the Minister, Mr. Enkeled Alibej and the Directing Board of Konfindustria. The main issues discussed in this meeting were:

1- The request of Konfindustria for taking the legal initiative by the Ministry of Justice and the Albanian Government, in the frame of the Reform in Justice, is to organize the foundation of the Administrative Courts independent from the executive, according to examples from EU would resolve fast and with professionalism contradicts of business with executive institutions in central and local levels. The today’s court system is valued as incapable to face the increasing business problems and the incorrect interference of the state institutions against business in a increasing number of cases. Seen from the business, the work practice of the juridical system is far away from the standards of the juridical system in EU, creating at this time unnecessary additional costs for the Albanian economy in front of the tough competition after the signature of the SAA comparing with the foreign products and services. The necessity of building up an Administrative Court, independent from the executive comes from the proven fact that – only this way will be possible to completely improve the reciprocal believe clime business-state as a very important element for the increase of investments and the development for the country – prevention with legal means abuses from institutions of executive with the very much debated Law of Penalties (now sent to the Supreme Court by the Confederation) and many other subjective legal acts in the fiscal field as payments, , prices, reference profit, but also other administrative confrontations of business with the state, which let possibilities for corruption. In the meeting was stressed that Konfindustria in its own initiative started long time ago for building up and Administrative ahs officially requested and has secured the institutional and puplic support of the posite and main opposite of the country, which means that the political consensus is secured to build up in reality a very important institution. Konfindustria thanked the Minister of Justice, Mr. Alibej for the given and expressed public for his personal engagement and the Ministry of Justice for the build up of Administrative Court as a part of Reforms in Justice, but requested concrete datelines for embodying of this very important initiative and building up the trusting clime business-state.

2- Konfindustria represented its request for radical improvement of work of the Bailiff System, taking in considerate the long time and high obstacles brought up to business not only taking of final court decisions, but also the long extend of executive to apply these decisions. The Minister of Justice, Mr. Alibej considered the request as right and represented the measurements which will be taken for the above mentioned.


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