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Alb-Konfindustria in the time period from 29 April - 2 May 2009 is organizing the International Fair of \"Technology & Quality 2009\".
Alb-Konfindustria, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy of Albania and its institutional partners in the European Union, in the time period from 29 April - 2 May 2009 is organizing the International Fair of "Technology & Quality 2009".
Holding by core principle of Alb-Konfindustria, to support the local production in all the Albanian areas, in the International Fair of "Technology & Quality 2009" only final products of the industries of Albania, Kosovo and Albanian industrialists of Macedonia and Monte Negro are invited to participate. Also the latest technology, machineries, equipments, investment projects facilitating the production, by the most distinguished international companies will be presented.
The International Fair of "Technology & Quality 2009" is thought to be also the demonstration of the very best and most successful Albanian companies of production & services. With a view of ensuring the necessary quality of representativeness and the numerous demands, strict selection criteria are applied on the leading companies according to different sectors of economy and the main factor is the production according to international standards, high technology and the highest quality for the welfare of consumers. During these four days of the organization of the fair it is foreseen a complete presentation between the producers and the 7 million Albanian market consumers through the direct presence of the Media on all relevant territories.
The International Fair of "Technology & Quality 2009" is the result of Alb-Konfindustria initiative to establish the Businesses Fair as an excellent opportunity to be given to the industries of the Albanian populated areas of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro in order to get to know one another in a full time work, also a direct connection with commercial network, supermarket, most well know local and regional trade companies. Last year's experience, resulted in many contracts signed by companies during the event, evidences the full success of the contemporary form of the setting up the business fair.
The International Fair of "Technology & Quality 2009" will be the meeting point where the industrialists have the opportunity to know the latest production of lines, machineries, equipments, technology projects and high standards presented by the most powerful international companies. These companies will have the possibility to get to know directly with the best companies of Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and they potential clients.
The International Fair of "Technology & Quality 2009", with the participation of the highest executive authorities representative of the Albanian territories, giving the opportunity to the industrialists to contact directly with the political decision makers, academics, financial and banking personalities, with regard to their respective fields. The other characteristic of the International Fair of Technology & Quality 2009" will be the organization of two meetings for the problems of the banking and financial system in Albania under the point of view of the need for the sustainable industrial development in Albanian and regional open market; high technological standards, preconditions for the Albanian Industries, to use country's natural & geographical resources effectively and for the long term success on the global market.
Appreciating the present achievements of your company, I invite you to be among the most important industries in the International Fair of "Technology & Quality 2009".


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