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Mutual measures on the issue of Call Centers

The Albanian government must take prompt measures against Italian goods and services in our country, as a mutual balancing measure against the measures introduced by the Italian authorities in not allowing Italian Call Centers to remain in Albania.

This is the measure that is proposed by the Konfindustria, stating that the measures introduced by the Italian government in prohibiting the import of Call Center services from other countries, including Albania, is in violation with the principles of free trade, World Trade Organization rules and the integration agreements between Albania and the EU.
“Albanian authorities may even consider the application of an extra special tax for the import of Italian goods and services in the Italian market”.


+ Data 2021-07-28
Vjosa Region Investments Forum “ Ecosystem for Sustainable Development. EU Green Agenda. Vjosa actual Emergencies and future Challenges. Technology and Environment.25/9/2021, Gorge of Kelcyra-Albania
+ Data 2020-12-11
International Forum: Vjosa River Basin Region (Albania, Greece) Sustainable Development Strategy Initiative.


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